Corksol Spray Cork - Where to use it and why...

AC Eco Coatings Corksol Spray Cork


Renovation and insulation in one. Treat walls with spray cork to create a new facade and at the same time improve the insulation performance. Better, stronger and more durable than existing and better known finishing systems.

Corksol Spray Cork's waterproof system; guaranteed 100% waterproof and insulated dry wall. Beautiful new walls with perfectly protected insulation providing immediate energy savings. Also an excellent option to prevent black spot mould.

Interior Walls/Ceilings

Thermal and acoustic insulation, suitable for both modern and classic interiors. It is a finer grain specially designed for a smoother interior finish and available in many colours.

Cellars & Lofts

Musty damp basements regain a healthy environment. By treating it with spray cork, mould, bacteria and pests are eradicated.


Ideal for apartments, offices and work areas. The perfect solution for party walls and floors. It can reduce noise from music and cinema rooms and improve acoustic in open areas.


Suitable for flat roofs, platforms and worn, dirty slate. When used together with the waterproof system a 100% waterproof covering is achieved



Improves thermal performance of a building

• Environmentally friendly, sustainable and a 100% natural product

Spray Cork is water repellent, breathable and maintenance free

• Anti-condensation and reduction of thermal bridges

• Excellent adhesion to all substrates such as brick, cement, plaster, wood, metal and asphalt

• Easily applied

• Black spot mould prevention