Corksol Spray Cork for your Business

AC Eco Coatings Corksol Spray Cork

It offers thermal insulation, black spot mould prevention, sound insulation, breathability, water resistance, fire resistance, durability, flexibility, low maintenance, health benefits and the ultimate green credentials.

Corksol Spray Cork coating can be used as a superior exterior render or inside, for example on metal clad buildings and on modular constructions.

With a light-textured appearance available in a range of fade-resistant colours, it creates a clean and modern look. 

Corksol Spray Cork offers the commercial sector a huge range of benefits:

Highly fire resistant (Euroclass B, M1) - ideal for blocks of flats, care homes and office buildings. Corksol Spray Cork does not combust under burning.

Durable, breathable and flexible coating which resists cracking (can be invisibly patched and comes with a 15 year manufacturer’s guarantee).

Strong thermal performance means lower energy bills

Keeps the heat in and cold out which creates better working conditions.

Weather-resistant range of  colours sprayed direct with no painting.

Keeps moisture out of the building, which not only benefits staff, this is also important when storing goods.

Provides acoustic insulation, reduces noise and vibrations for a quieter space.

Super adhesive. It can be applied to a range of surfaces, including brick, blocks, wood, glass, metal and plastic. And it stays on!

Can reduce thermal bridging and creates a protective yet breathable seal for better thermal performance.

Low maintenance material.

Corksol Spray Cork is sprayed and quicker drying than other renders, causing less disruption to your business.