Corksol Spray Cork, Stunning & 100% Natural!

Features & Benefits of Corksol Spray Cork

Black Spot Mould Prevention  |  Energy Saving  |  Thermal Insulation   |   Acoustic  |   Ecological

Durable  |  Fire Resistant  |  Decorative   |   Vapour-Permeable  |  Water-Repellent

Damp & Condensation Elimination
Damp & Condensation Elimination
Thermocork thermal insulation
Thermal Insulation
Roofs with Thermocork
Thermcork Roofs
Thermocork rendering keeps your house warm
External Rendering

Damp & Condensation Elimination

Corksol Spray Cork eliminates condensation by reducing thermal shock, acting as a thermal barrier. Corksol Spray Cork adheres to any surface from metal to skimmed walls and prevents black spot mould.

Thermal Insulation

An ultra thin coating of Corksol Spray Cork will help to achieve high insulation values. Skimming over the Cork results in a smooth finish at less than 10mm thickness with no disturbance of existing windows, coving or skirting boards.


Corksol Spray Cork provides a thermal waterproof layer to any pitched roof without adding the weight associated with traditional material. Its easy application allows for large areas to be coated quickly, externally, without impacting on the building’s occupants.


The Corksol coating gives properties a low-maintenance and durable finish. Not only does it waterproof but it also improves thermal and acoustic insulation by eliminating thermal bridges.


For centuries the use of cork has been seen in many countries and in many forms. It is a unique raw material with a list of benefits for a wide variety of uses, from thermal and acoustic insulation to flexibility and durability.
It’s unique composition makes it a perfect product for a construction material. To sum it up; a breathable, weather resistant, flexible, insulating render manufactured sustainably from trees that are harvested, not cut down, making Corksol Spray Cork a perfect choice for just about every surface.

“Cork is a fascinating material with excellent acoustic and thermal insulation properties. Its anti-fungal and resists rotting, it ‘breathes’, transpiring moisture, it will compress to form a tight gasket (think wine bottles) and it’s sustainable... Magical”
Kevin McCloud

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